Over the last 25 years, most of the major whitewater drainages in China have been explored.  Last Descents and our paddling family have been a part of the exploration of many of these rivers. We are happy to direct paddlers to some of the better whitewater sections of the major rivers of China.  For those seeking their own exploratory expeditions, there are also large regions of China full of smaller rivers that remain largely unexplored, including many class 3-4 rivers.

If you are a boater, there are almost endless options for paddling adventures in China.  The gorgeous natural landscapes and phenomenal whitewater make this country a world class boating destination. Travel in China involves many difficulties inherent to paddling in a developing nation.  We recommend starting out with a more established destination, such as the Salween River, in order to maximize time on the water and to get used to travel in China.  Outside of the Salween valley, motivated boaters can chase unexplored rivers, complex logistics, and challenging whitewater as far as their skills will take them.  Please feel free to contact Last Descents for advice, logistical contacts, and equipment rental.